10 Things to Do Before 2020!

unsplash-logoKelly Sikkema
These are the things I challenge you to do before we reach our beloved far friend, 2020.
1. Enjoy Leonardo’s artwork.

2. Read 20 pages of English Dictionary starting with the letter ‘x’ on 30 December.

3. List down 20 potential places to visit in 2020. Just jot down, money is the latter thing!

4. Tadabbur (ponder over) for at least 20 verses of al-Quran and try to understand the real meaning of it by looking at scholar’s interpretation books.

5. Plan your money for 2020. Late Winston Churchill said, plans are of little importance, but planning is essential.

6. Seek for everyone’s forgiveness, even from your pets.

7. List down the title of the books we read in 2019. Just for revision purpose.

8. Try not to be arrogant for only a day. Just for a day.

9. Try sketch your Dad’s portrait on your own, without your Mum’s help.

10. Sleep 8 hours on 31 December.

 Best regards, S.H.

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