Cameo’s Remedy: I – Don’t Make Me Treat You As Important

As a dumb boy,
being alone is the only thing to opt for.
I never realize - Life would show up these kinds of obstacles.
Especially you, the person who stole my attention.

If I been given five minutes,
I'll choose to wake up from hallucinating Eden,
and stop thinking that I will always be by your side.
I swear that I don't need you as a companion, perhaps.

We've been through these several years together with all our heart, and everyone knows.
I sacrifice, and you slaughter yourself,
And are we still waiting for the outcome?
Shame on myself.

Death, forfeit this ridiculous feeling,
Make a way for her to go.
And if loneliness is the price to be paid,
then we all agreed.

Death, show up the sapphire ray,
to lighten up this road.
And if this weak soul is the price to be paid,
then we all agreed.

It's over, 'cause the world has changed,
and so you
Don't force me to give the opportunity to myself,
and don't make me treat you as important.


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