Cameo’s Remedy: I – Don’t Make Me Treat You As Important

As a dumb boy, being alone is the only thing to opt for. I never realize – Life would show up these kinds of obstacles. Especially you, the person who stole my attention. If I been given five minutes, I’ll choose to wake up from hallucinating Eden, and stop thinking that I will always beContinue reading “Cameo’s Remedy: I – Don’t Make Me Treat You As Important”

10 Things to Do Before 2020!

unsplash-logoKelly SikkemaThese are the things I challenge you to do before we reach our beloved far friend, 2020.1. Enjoy Leonardo’s artwork. 2. Read 20 pages of English Dictionary starting with the letter ‘x’ on 30 December. 3. List down 20 potential places to visit in 2020. Just jot down, money is the latter thing! 4.Continue reading “10 Things to Do Before 2020!”